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This tiny compact garden has been transformed to include linear modern trellising, eco deck and plank paving, and is planted with a modern mix creating interest and structure in a small space. We have used Western Red Cedar, a modern low-maintenance colection of plants and sandstone plank paving which we've fused together with a mulch or various size pebbles and boulders.

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western red cedar trellising in our Chislehurst, Kent garden design by greencube
plank paving creates contrasting texture in greencube's chislehurst, kent garden design decking used by greencube as a social space in or chislehurst, kent garden design western red cedar trellis boundary fence in chislehurst, kent by greencube pebbles, boulders combined with sawn plank paving deliver contrasts in chislehurst, kent by greencube bold sculptural boulders used as a focal point in the borders in chislehurst, kent our clients in chislehurst, kent wanted easy maintenance planting by greencube