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We have designed a garden for an old victorian foundry in Walsingham in North Norfolk converted into holiday cottages in the last decade. The foundry originally founded in 1809, made iron castings for the local farming industry. War casualties ended the male line and so in 1918 it was sold to the Wright family and they continued to trade until 1932, when the depression caused its closure.

In 1938 it was purchased by the Barnhams who made agricultural implements, pumps, firebowls, backplates, stokers, grates and ornamental fire baskets............and so we have paid homage to the old foundry and its history implementing lots of wonderful weathering ('It's all a bit rusty' to quote a neighbour) Corten steel elements, including the path, gate and raised feature planters. our planting palette inlcudes large leafy hostas, ferns, grasses, hydrangeas and a mix of purple and yellow with a sprinkling of orange perennials

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In this greencube garden design in Great Walsingham North Norfolk we have used corten steel as a path laid in strong geometric shapes disected by oak In this greencube garden we have commissioned a laser-cut corten gate to tie in with the corten path green on green on green - a mix of textures in this north-facing shady border, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk plank limestone paving mixed with wedges of Corten, in Great Walsingham, Norfolk capturing the seasonal transitions in our greencube garden, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk a wonderful outdoor late summer space, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk outdoor seating to enjoy the outdoor space, Great Walsingham, Norfolk firebowl and fern, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk slate coloured stone contrasts with the rich russet corten, Great Walsingham, Norfolk Beautiful white Hydrangea paniculata flowers glow in Great Walsingham, Norfolk greencube use purple planting to complement the orange tones of the rusting corten steel, Great Walsingham, Norfolk seasonal contrasts from summer to winter, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk summer colour from Echinacea and Perovskia, Great Walsingham, North Norfolk the greencube foundry garden is full of details, Great Walsingham, Norfolk spring bulbs and shade lovers in this north-facing foundry garden, Great Walsingham, Norfolk eary summer blooms in greencube's foundry garden in Great Walsingham, Norfolk hard landscaping detail, Great Walsingham, Norfolk weathered corten steel in the greencube foundry garden Great Walsingham, Norfolk subtle candle lighting in the greencube foundry garden, Great Walsingham, Norfolk candles glowing in the evening light, Great Walsingham, Norfolk warm evening light shows off the greencube foundry garden, Great Walsingham, Norfolk